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2022-02-01: Berlin Hardfork

This release deploys the Berlin hardfork on Kovan. Please upgrade your version of l2geth to version 0.5.9 as soon as possible. The hardfork activates at block 1138900, and any unupgraded nodes will fall out of sync at that time.

Our Berlin hardfork includes a subset of mainnet’s Berlin EIPs:

It does not include typed transactions.

To upgrade an existing Kovan node, you’ll need to reinitialize Geth. To do that:

  1. Stop Geth if it is running.
  2. Run the following command: geth init https://storage.googleapis.com/optimism/kovan/kovan-berlin-genesis.json 0xaed938bc5dee7eb703658d4bec1f3e28f8b92bd9c032b2be779186eafc2b5a2a. This will automatically download the updated genesis state and apply it.
  3. Start Geth.

Alternatively, if you’re using op-replica, set the SHARED_ENV environment variable to mainnet-gen5-kovan to do this automatically.

You will need to do this again on mainnet in a few weeks.


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