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2022-03-15: Mainnet System Addresses, Batch Compression Upgrade Warning

System Addresses

This release adds support for system addresses on mainnet. If you haven’t already , please upgrade l2geth to at least version 0.5.14. See the Kovan Release for more information on system addresses.

Rate Limiting

As part of this release, we upgraded our caching infrastructure and began enforcing a rate limit on our public mainnet endpoint. The limit is quite high, and is designed to deter misconfigured/malicious clients from degrading the service. If you go over the limit, your IP will be banned for 1 minute. If you need a higher rate limit than what the public endpoint affords we recommend using a third-party infrastructure provider.

Batch Compression Upgrade Warning

We will be enabling batch compression on Kovan on Thursday the 17th. We’ll be enabling it on mainnet on the 21st. Please upgrade your data-transport-layers to at least version 0.5.20 as soon as possible if you are syncing from L1. See last week’s release for more information on the batch compression spec.

Routine Upgrades

Apart from the above, we also performed a routine upgrade of other services.




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