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2022-02-15: Mainnet Berlin Hardfork

This release upgrades mainnet with the Berlin hardfork. The hardfork is set to activate at block 3950000. Given current usage, this will be sometime next week. Please upgrade your replicas to l2geth 0.5.11 as soon as possible.

The upgrade process is the same as it was on Kovan, with slightly different parameters:

  1. Stop Geth if it is running.
  2. Run the following command: geth init https://storage.googleapis.com/optimism/mainnet/genesis-berlin.json 0x106b0a3247ca54714381b1109e82cc6b7e32fd79ae56fbcc2e7b1541122f84ea. You must also specify USING_OVM=true in your environment variables. This will automatically download the updated genesis state and apply it.
  3. Start Geth.

Note that you will need to run the steps above even if you upgraded l2geth to version 0.5.11 last week in order to mitigate the critical security bug. Upgrading the node software and updating the genesis configuration are distinct processes.

If you’re syncing a node from scratch via op-replica, please use the mainnet-gen5-berlin shared env.

Apart from the Berlin hardfork, we also upgraded the Kovan batch submitter with some minor fixes:


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